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We provide real estate title, escrow, settlement and deed transfer services for the greater Hampton Roads and Western Tidewater regions. 


How Can Southeast Virginia Title Company Help You?

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Closing & Settlements

We provide the complete closing process. We work directly with your real estate agent, banks and other third-parties involved to ensure a smooth transaction at the closing table.

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Title Insurance

We research every possible transaction on your property to ensure nothing was missed. Then we insure your title, protecting your biggest investment.

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Deed Preparation

Deed preparation includes getting the source deed from the courthouse or owner drafting new deed, executing deed, and taking to the courthouse to be recorded. Once recorded the original deed is returned to the new owner.


Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage allows you to borrow the equity from your home with no repayment required. The owner also maintains possession of the deed.


Southeast Virginia Title Company (SeVA Title) was started as a subsidiary of the Randall Page, P.C. law firm in October 2017 to provide total settlement, title, and escrow services for all of South Eastern Virginia. All legal aspects are handled through Randall Page P. C. now known as Randall Page & Bruch, P.C. 

Amber "Missy" Coe is a real estate title agent and processor at Southeast Virginia Title Company. She processes real estate transactions including title insurance, real estate settlement, escrow, and deed preparation.


Missy is a licensed title insurance agent, settlement agent and a public notary. She helps her clients buy, sell, refinance and insure the title to their homes.

Call or email Missy today for all of your real estate transaction needs. 


"Missy definitely knew what she was doing and was great to work with."

—  Wendall Lowe

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